Weekly Word Count + Poetry on Twitter

Sep 1, 2014 by

On the fanfic I only wrote 341 words thursday. I got off to a bad start this week and never really caught back up. However today isn’t just the start of a new week but a new month and I’m feeling optimistic.

Of course the fanfic isn’t all I wrote this week though…

Sunday: 38

Monday: 165

Tuesday: 160

Wednesday: 1,053

Thursday: 389

Friday: 364

Saturday: 688

Total: 2,857

My word count’s been looking better ever since I started following @StormBenedict and her poetry prompts on Twitter, she posts a new one every night at 12 Central time; and I tweet a poem every day around noon. I only joined a few weeks ago and I can already see my poetry writing improving.

So follow me to keep up with my daily poems.

Or follow her to keep up with her daily prompts.

Or follow us both. Both is good.



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