Writing Cheat: The Hidden Character

May 27, 2015 by

Creating a character for your narrator can help your story stay in a consistent voice.

I try to give each series their own voice; the narrator of my fantasy books will be a little poetic while the one in my super hero stories will be more straightforward. But it’s hard to keep my narrator consistent; it tends to follow my frame of mind more than the story; and when you go from story to story like I do you can forget what your narrator was even supposed to sound like.

It wasn’t till the third book of my main series that I figured out the cure. At this point I realized that one of my characters was actually the one telling the story then the narrator started to take on a voice similar to hers. The voice of that story isn’t completely consistent but I’ll know what to look out for on the second draft.

You don’t have to make a full fleshed out character, just a basic personality and how they talk. They don’t even have to be human, they could be some entity capable of reading thoughts. And you don’t have to reveal who¬†or what they are.

Knowing me I’ll probably give each one a name and backstory about how they relate to the story; but I have an obsession with making new characters.

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