Writing Cheats: Character’s Birthdays

Jan 10, 2015 by

My Writips are now named Writing Cheats.

Moving on…

For some reason I can never decide when my character’s birthdays should be; probably because when they are doesn’t really matter. It’s probably an important ┬ádetail to know though; but because choosing one would be arbitrarily picking a date it’s impossible for me to do.

So if you have the same problem (I’m not the only one incapable of randomly deciding things right?) I have the solution: Birthday Scenario Games.

Do you know those games where months equal something and days equal something else to find out by your birth date that you’ll be attacked by a taco? For characters who don’t already have a birth date play the game in reverse, first figure out the scenario you want them to have, either the the that best fits them or would embarrass them the most, and then see what date that equals.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Birthday Scenario Game - Fantasy


Birthday Scenario Game - Smash Bros


If they’re fan characters one that pertains to that fandom is helpful:

Birthday Scenario Game - Sonic



Of course there are probably random date generators you could use but this will be more fun!

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