Writing Tips to Learn from Shakespeare

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Today is William Shakespeare’s 450th Birthday!

Which means after about 400 years people are still quoting, retelling and learning about Shakespeare; even dressing up like characters in his plays. Is there a more long-lived author?

Happy Birthday Shakespeare

What tips could we learn from him and apply to our own writing?


Shakespeare based a lot of his plot and characters from history or classic stories. Romeo and Juliet was a well-known story at the time; but the only well-known one now is Shakespeare’s.

Focus more on having a well written story than having an original one.

Include something for everyone

Even though his plays were categorized as either comedy or tragedy almost every play included drama, action, romance, suspense and humor. Plus some characters and jokes that appealed to theĀ upper class and some that appealed more to the lower class.

Choose your words carefully

What do people remember the most about Shakespeare? His brilliant beautiful words. Whether your story’s poetic or not choosing the right words-and not always the simplest ones either but instead ones that convey the most meaning-can go a long way.


Good luck to you and good job Shakespeare for writing works to last centuries!


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