Writing with Characters You Don’t Like

Aug 13, 2015 by

Amidst my thought-out and developed characters are a few I hate writing about so bad that the whole story gets ignored.

I find that this mostly happens when I come up with a general idea for a character and then leave them ignored for too long; I do this so I can get back to what I’m supposed to be writing but when I come back to the character they’ve been generic in my head so long that it feels they can’t develop further.

Of course that’s wrong, any character can develop more but sometimes they’re so bland I don’t want to work with them enough to develop them more.

So I guess the first thing would be to work with them a little more before moving on the first time; but let’s assume it’s too late. You can either reboot them or get into the story sooner using one of these devices:

Focus on the characters you do like; showing only what you can take of the one you don’t. Develop them as a background character, then as a support, then maybe even as a star (eventually.)

Make everyone else hate them as much as you do. It seems if I already don’t like a character it’s easier to add traits that make them more unlikable than good ones. You might end up hating them so bad that it starts to be fun.

Kill them off. But I’d only use this as a last resort unless you can make their death relevant. (Sometimes just threats of death prompts them to be more useful.)

Do you have a character you hate? How do you deal with them?

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